As a business how can we ensure we are fit for tomorrow?

Human beings are notoriously bad at predicting the future, but this doesn’t mean your brand has to be based on the past. Instead we work with you to understand two very simple things. First, what is special about you – those unique capabilities and approaches that sit at the heart of your culture and which others would find hard to copy. Second, what the world needs. Those things that are currently missing from the world. Using a deep customer insight-led approach, we can help you to understand your current strengths and weaknesses are, and better understand the future direction you need to go in in order to succeed. Like we’ve done for AOL or for Skype.

Sairah Ashman


Nixon Peabody

Making a standout firm for the future


Reinventing education


Achieving a 95% employment rate in 2008

Athens 2004 Olympics

Bringing the Games home

Portugal ICEP

23.7 million visitors


Defining the future

New York City

Branding the unbrandable city


How to Live Your Brand

A school for ambitious leaders


A school for ambitious leaders


Brand reinvention for the 21st Century


Bought by GE Healthcare in 2001 for $9 billion

Current TV

Flying the flag for cut through programming


Straight to the point

First Direct

Changed the face of banking


Market capitalisation approaching €6 billion


35,000 students + alums getting money-smart

Amnesty International

Helping Amnesty achieve a global impact

i2 Institute

Imagination activated by ingenuity

Heathrow Express

50 Million passengers and growing

Booz & Company

Top 50 most prestigious consulting firms in USA


Open up Sense more


People-inspired products

Firefox OS

Unleashing the Fox

Triumph Motorcycles

Connecting passions. Modernising an icon


Catapulting potential