Unilever Case Study


Unilever is big. 150 million times a day in 150 countries people choose to make Unilever brands part of their lives. But in the consumer goods industry, growth is hard. Unilever decided that it was too diffuse, with too many brands, and with no unifying driver of growth. Unilever wanted to become a single-minded, idea-led growth business.


Wolff Olins helped Unilever change, from an invisible owner of brands to a much more visible business, leading its brands through a single idea: "adding vitality to life." We created a visual identity that expresses "vitality" that is starting to appear on every Unilever product. Under this banner, we also worked on dozens of projects to put vitality at the heart of the organization from designing workplaces to transforming the recruitment process to training employees how to pass on the stories that underlie the idea. And we've helped Unilever invent new products and projects that deliver vitality.


Every Unilever business across 100 countries of operations, from China to Argentina, embraced the Vitality brand idea and used it to determine which businesses to invest in, which to exit from and where to innovate. Over the course of 2004, Unilever's leading brands grew by 3.7% under the "Vitality Mission" and the operating profit grew at an average rate of 15% a year for four consecutive years.

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Identities of the decade

Identities of the decade

Design blog Under Consideration has recognised the work of Wolff Olins nine times, more than any other brand consultancy, in its review of the most relevant brand identities of the past decade. The list profiles 40 corporations, products and services believed to have used their identities to ‘shape perception in their consumers’ eyes and minds’. Brand identities developed by Wolff Olins include GE, Unilever, (RED), NYC and AOL. To read the article go to www.underconsideration.com.

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…Restating our mission and values is only the first step. The challenge comes in living them out in day-to-day business decisions.

Niall Fitzgerald, Chairman Unilever