When cultures collide (in a good way)

When two great cultures come together we all hope they amplify each other. As a toast is raised to the newly wedded Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent, it raises the question of ‘which culture wins?’ and I hope it’s none. We’ve worked in several mergers recently - Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, Zon and Optimu...

by Morgan Holt - 15 Apr 2015

Repairing party brands

Of the ten most hated brands in Britain, four are political parties, according to recent research. So there’s a bit of a problem here. And it matters when political parties are the organisations that enable people to take part in democracy. So what do we do?

by Robert Jones - 14 Apr 2015

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

Can you explain your job to your Mum? Anyone who works in branding (yeah, it’s a bit like advertising but…) or consultancy has probably struggled to pass this test.Tom McCarthy’s new novel, Satin Island, tracks the life of U, a corporate anthropologist working for a firm called the Company, on a lar...

by Dan Gavshon Brady - 10 Apr 2015

Desperately seeking dragons

Two big news stories this week. The return of Game of Thrones – the biggest drama series on the planet - and the announced acquisition of BG Group by Shell, now arguably the biggest energy and petrochemicals company on the planet (though no offices in Kings’ Landing at the time of writing). One has ...

by Rose Bentley - 09 Apr 2015

Seven things we learned by doing a MOOC

It was on a plane high above the Atlantic, in January 2013, that I first came across MOOCs. An Economist article was reporting on a new phenomenon from America – massive open online courses – and how they could transform universities. A month later, back at work at Wolff Olins in London, I found mys...

by Robert Jones - 30 Mar 2015

A non-techie look at Facebook’s F8 developer conference

I’m a news junkie, daily Facebook user and overall Facebook fan. I dig it. It helps me stay connected to friends and family and allows me to share what’s on my mind – which is usually something about my puppy, politics or pop culture. But when it comes to tech, I’m more of an “early majority” than “...

by Katy Mooney - 27 Mar 2015

Brain food

We recently kicked off a series of breakfast brainstorms in New York. The concept is pretty simple: inviting a diverse group of experienced people into our office to shake up their thinking on how to tackle a big social issue they’re all passionate about. With coffee and granola on the side. The fi...

by Amy Lee - 25 Mar 2015

Five questions with Fabiola Gianotti

Fabiola Gianotti is a particle physicist at CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics in Switzerland generally accepted as one of the greatest research centres in the world. In 2012, she announced that the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had discovered the Higgs boson, t...

by Sairah Ashman - 19 Mar 2015


About 6 months ago an email dropped into my inbox asking if I’d like to get involved in launching the UK chapter of Omniwomen… On Thursday 5th March, 170 fast rising women rocked up for a day of learning, laughter and discourse around what it takes to lead authentically, inclusively and effectively....

by Sairah Ashman - 19 Mar 2015

The Nether

Last month, a bunch of strategists from Wolff Olins London went to the Duke of York theatre to see Jennifer Haley’s play, The Nether. The play was a troubling and provocative peering into a future that, like all good science fiction, is all too easy for us to recognise in our present. The Nether is ...

by Dan Gavshon Brady - 18 Mar 2015

Congratulations to our client Orange!

Today I’ll be with them as they launch their new strategic plan and brand experience to the world at an event at the Grand Palais in Paris, twenty years on from when we created the brand in the first place. I know they’re as proud as we are of the success of our recent creative partnership in reinve...

by Morgan Holt - 17 Mar 2015

Creativity + Kanye

Listening to the recent Zane Lowe Kanye West interview, it struck me how Mr West’s thinking on creativity can be applied to the changing landscape of our own industry. Riffing off a few soundbites from the man himself, here’s some things creatives, and creative businesses, could learn from Yeezus… ‘...

by Daniel Greene - 12 Mar 2015

Q&A with GV Prasad of Dr. Reddy's

“Management is doing work through people, whereas leadership is developing people through work.” - GV Prasad, CEO and Co-Chairman of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Excerpts from a one-to-one interview with GV Prasad conducted by Zia Patel, Director of Wolff Olins in India, for the Wolff Olins Report, Impo...

by Zia Patel - 11 Mar 2015

The New Creatives

This morning, our CEO Ije Nwokorie is giving the Presidents Jury address at Dubai Lynx. Here’s a preview of what he’ll be saying. Follow him on Twitter for his latest updates and more of what’s going on at this leading festival.  ** The world as you once knew it, has ceased to exist.

by Ije Nwokorie - 10 Mar 2015

To learn, To change, To grow

What does it mean to be in a learning organisation in 2015? The speed of business has never been faster. We know that rapid change is the new constant. How can youmake sure your organisation doesn’t just keep up, but stays ahead? One answer: Become a learning organisation, an organisation with a s...

by Melissa Andrada - 04 Mar 2015

5 suprising things about CEOs

We’ve just launched our report on leadership, Impossible and now. Behind the report, there’s a team of 20 people, six months of work, over 50 interviews, and a ton of data. Launch day got me reflecting on all that work. Some of what we heard was exactly what we’d expected. But a lot wasn’t, and here...

by Robert Jones - 02 Mar 2015

Introducing the Wolff Olins Report 2015

Today we are immensely proud to launch The Wolff Olins Report 2015: Impossible and Now. We started with a simple question, “How has leadership practice changed in the last five years?”. To start to tackle it, we interviewed 43 global CEOs and 10 leadership experts. And we ran a counterpoint survey ...

by Camilla Grey - 25 Feb 2015

Positive energy

Energy is the most and least important industry on the planet. On the one hand, energy is indispensable. Around the world, just over 62,000 power stations support a population that will grow by 145 people in the next minute alone. The future of our increasingly populated, connected, and complicated...

by Zami Majuqwana - 24 Feb 2015

Joy in autonomy

The self-driving car. Everyone’s raving about it, especially at this year’s CES: Mercedes presented a futuristic one, BMW has one that drifts, Google test a cute one and Audi even came to the CES in auto pilot mode. The old and new car manufacturers are impressively creative and innovative developin...

by Rosie Isbell - 18 Feb 2015