GV Sanjay Reddy on Leadership

Wolff Olins’ Director for India, Zia Patel, spoke to GV Sanjay Reddy for our leadership report, Impossible and Now. Here, she expands on their conversation and hears more about his approach to the “Indian leadership style”. Zia Patel: Tell me a little about how you understand leadership? Leadership ...

by Zia Patel - 16 Jul 2015

In case you missed it..

Our content partnership with The Guardian is now just over a month old, and already we’ve covered a range of subjects across leadership, creativity and the changing world around us. Worried you’ve missed out? Here’s the digest… The big hitter so far was Robert Jones’ article on the meaning of brand...

by Camilla Grey - 09 Jul 2015

New work for Dr.Reddy’s

We’re proud to announce… Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories announced the launch of its new visual identity and brand on 1st July 2015. Since conception Dr. Reddy’s has strived to bring easy access to medicines that are affordable and innovative.

by Zia Patel - 03 Jul 2015

Long live the brick and mortar

Pirch, recently on the Forbes list of most promising American companies, is a chain of stores that sells high-end kitchen, bath and outdoor products. The CEO and founder Jeffry Sears uses the philosophy of, ‘Stop thinking digital and start thinking human.’ Amen, brother. Pirch hits all the right not...

by Danielle Horanieh - 02 Jul 2015

Robots are NOT taking over

With a near constant stream of headlines about advances in artificial intelligence and recent peeks at mind–blowing technologies like these Boston Robotics’ four-legged beasts, this feels like a good moment to revisit a question that’s been asked many times before: Are the Robots taking over? That w...

by Sam Liebeskind - 23 Jun 2015

To be read, be radical

At Wolff Olins we aren’t radical for radical’s sake. We aren’t interested in creating shouty, short-term tactics that are noticed for acting out, but in meaningful, lasting solutions that are remembered for standing out. And it seems we’re not alone.   Back in April 2012, Google changed its algorith...

by Camilla Grey - 16 Jun 2015

Women who partner, can.

Last week, the global TEDWomen conference took place and I hosted a TEDx event to support it.  The theme this year was ‘momentum’ - how to create it and make a difference in the world. For me – and for us at Wolff Olins – we think the best way to make a difference in the world is through partnership...

by Sairah Ashman - 04 Jun 2015

The Guardian x Wolff Olins

Here at Wolff Olins we’re lucky enough to partner with some of the world’s greatest business leaders – individuals who are looking to make big waves in their industry and beyond. We’ve been doing it for a while (this year marks our 50th birthday) but, even so, our role has never felt more critical. ...

by Camilla Grey - 28 May 2015

What is Tidal’s brand saying?

Recently, a group of the world’s biggest musicians gathered on stage for a press conference. A “declaration of independence” (from other streaming services?) was signed. A promo video capturing the super serious gathering ran on television. Oh, and of course, the requisite Illuminati accusations ens...

by Krisana Jaritsat - 18 May 2015

Notes from the F5 festival

The F5 festival in New York presents people working at the intersection of design and technology. The diverse lineup of speakers are not the typical group you’d expect to see at a conference celebrating motion graphics. However, they do represent the potential of the industry and the ideal norm in t...

by Wolff Olins - 15 May 2015

5 moves to drive change in tech culture

You need to make big changes at your company. You see it plain as day.  But no one else seems to. The work your colleagues do is complex and specialized.  They view enterprise-wide initiatives as “soft” and irrelevant. This is a frustration we hear all the time from leaders. It’s something we see m...

by John Hearn - 12 May 2015

Those who need it most

This week, in our Dubai office, we were presented with a Silver award from the Dubai Lynx - The Middle East’s equivalent of the Cannes Lions. The award was for our work on the packaging for Salma, a global halal food relief programme designed to alleviate hunger. Oftentimes, we linger in a supermark...

by Maryam Mir - 06 May 2015

Time to grow up

So another week on the election trail and more policy promises from the mainstream political parties. Can you remember what they were? No, me neither. What I do remember is quite a lot of finger-pointing and name-calling.  In fact this election campaign has been characterised by a level of personal ...

by Owen Hughes - 28 Apr 2015

Wolff Olins Travel Grant 2015

For the last two years, I have been involved with a charity called the Akili Trust. This is a very small organisation which has built two community libraries in Kilifi County, Kenya, and which provides bursaries for secondary school students who would otherwise be unable to remain in education. Thou...

by Dan Gavshon Brady - 27 Apr 2015

Q&A: The Heart Index

Recently Wolff Olins has been asked to participate in a great project called The Heart Index, a not-for-profit design compendium, raising money and awareness for Heart Research UK. The book showcases a collection of hearts, illustrated by some of the most influential practitioners from around the wo...

by Pedro Messias - 24 Apr 2015

Reading the tea leaves

“Big investors say social media influence investment picks” - so runs the headline following a new report from Greenwich Associates (1,457 followers on Twitter, broadcast only, no engagement. Ahem). The summary conclusions of the report outline how social media presence is increasingly a factor in h...

by Camilla Grey - 20 Apr 2015

When cultures collide (in a good way)

When two great cultures come together we all hope they amplify each other. As a toast is raised to the newly wedded Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent, it raises the question of ‘which culture wins?’ and I hope it’s none. We’ve worked in several mergers recently - Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, Zon and Optimu...

by Morgan Holt - 15 Apr 2015

Repairing party brands

Of the ten most hated brands in Britain, four are political parties, according to recent research. So there’s a bit of a problem here. And it matters when political parties are the organisations that enable people to take part in democracy. So what do we do?

by Robert Jones - 14 Apr 2015

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

Can you explain your job to your Mum? Anyone who works in branding (yeah, it’s a bit like advertising but…) or consultancy has probably struggled to pass this test.Tom McCarthy’s new novel, Satin Island, tracks the life of U, a corporate anthropologist working for a firm called the Company, on a lar...

by Dan Gavshon Brady - 10 Apr 2015