Positive energy

Energy is the most and least important industry on the planet. On the one hand, energy is indispensable. Around the world, just over 62,000 power stations support a population that will grow by 145 people in the next minute alone. The future of our increasingly populated, connected, and complicated...

by Zami Majuqwana - 24 Feb 2015

Joy in autonomy

The self-driving car. Everyone’s raving about it, especially at this year’s CES: Mercedes presented a futuristic one, BMW has one that drifts, Google test a cute one and Audi even came to the CES in auto pilot mode. The old and new car manufacturers are impressively creative and innovative developin...

by Stefan Emrich - 18 Feb 2015

Taking change all the way to the edges

"Amar Kumar was one of our guest speakers at Wolff Olin’s recent leadership summit on Change. As a senior leader in an education business we were particularly fascinated by his ambition to instil more learning into the business itself. Here, Amar outlines how to change the business for a world where...

by Wolff Olins - 16 Feb 2015

Best advice: don't care who gets the credit

“There is no limit to what you can get done if you don’t care who gets credit for it.” The phrase itself has an uncertain history and more versions than you can count. Everyone from Benjamin Jowett and William T. Arnold to Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan have been “credited” with it, although it was ...

by Ije Nwokorie - 12 Feb 2015

Less nodding, more doing

Ever been in this position? You identify the need for change in your organisation. You set up a taskforce to tackle it and come up with some great answers. You present it to the company. It makes perfect sense, everyone is nodding in agreement. No one would disagree. But a month later nothing has ch...

by Caroline Goodwin - 09 Feb 2015

Time is money

Modern marketing’s most tedious truism is that mobile technology, digital innovation, and bottom-up content creation have completely transformed the way people consume media. It’s an observation well known, regularly substantiated, and widely understood. Less appreciated, however, are the implicatio...

by Zami Majuqwana - 06 Feb 2015

The world. Luxe. Different.

Last week saw the introduction of the British Army’s new TwitterTroops (Orwell’s original brand name of Thought Police obviously was notalliterative enough). Whatever you think about its potential success, its very existence at all reflects the key triumphs of the Internet age - democracy and access...

by Chris Moody - 03 Feb 2015

On HoloLens and other brand marketing

Last week Microsoft pulled a blinder. I’d only just started getting excited about Magic Leap’s new patents when Microsoft – of all brands – published a polished film visualizing their new AR device. Not since Amazon slapped a logo on the side of a drone on the day of a bad tax announcement has the n...

by Tom Wason - 02 Feb 2015

In defense of driving

Like nearly every industry, automotive companies showed up in full force last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas touting the latest advancements in technology. It’s an era of disruption within the industry due to brands like Tesla re-defining performance and efficiency through techno...

by Zami Majuqwana - 02 Feb 2015

How do you do?

Joining Wolff Olins eight years ago, I was thrilled to enter what I considered to be the ‘university of branding’. I couldn’t wait to discover the secret recipe.Today, I get asked what makes us special and somehow my answers feel more practical than magical. Here are my answers to the three questio...

by Estelle Wackermann - 19 Jan 2015

New year, new name.

Remember Mad Men? Remember how excited we all got about perfect period costumes from the 1960s, obsessive attention to detail and riveting plot twists doused with large quantities of whiskey? Remember how we all wanted to be Don Draper? I had a love/hate relationship with that show because, like ev...

by Danielle Zezulinski - 09 Jan 2015

Who do you think you are kidding art director?

Picture the scene - May 2015. The Prime Minister is at a news conference in the Downing Street rose garden and to the far right stands a new coalition partner. A tiny hairy bluebottle darts from the shrubbery, lands on the philtrum of the deputy PM prompting an instinctive stroke of the lip with th...

by Chris Moody - 05 Jan 2015

Welcome to the team, Teemu!

Wolff Olins, New York recently welcomed a new Creative Director into the fold. Teemu Suviala joins us from his own studio, Kokoro & Moi, bringing a wealth of experience in art and design globally. For our last post of the year, we’ve asked Teemu what’s on his holiday wish list. Here’s a little insi...

by Camilla Grey - 23 Dec 2014

What's your purpose?

Activating missions with non-profits Last week in San Francisco, we hosted a workshop for ten Bay area non-profits as part of ‘Thanksgivingback,’ our effort to give back to our community. We equipped organizations specializing in topics from education to aviation with the tools needed to craft and ...

by Chris Walker - 22 Dec 2014

How to make your tone of voice sing

Brands come to life and express themselves in a variety of ways: from core identity elements such as a logo and typeface, all the way through to service design and user experience. As brands seek to become more human and more engaging, tone of voice becomes a key component in both recognition and d...

by Camilla Grey - 19 Dec 2014

Unthink with SAM

As you read this, the ticker on your inbox is no doubt on the incline as it fills up with dancing elves, poor lip-syncing, and calendar invites to organised fun. Here at Wolff Olins we’re continuing our tradition of doing things a little bit differently. You could see us as the surprisingly delicio...

by Wolff Olins - 17 Dec 2014

Me, my health and I

How far will our fascination with our own health and well-being take us?  With the new trend of wearables, which track your every movement, to now being able to map every single nucleobase that makes you, uniquely you – it is not a stretch to think about what the future may hold.

by Wolff Olins - 16 Dec 2014

Top ten things to look out for in next year's top ten lists

1. Beat the January blues: Top 10 new year’s resolutions for game-changing marketers 2. Top 10 lessons X can learn from totally unrelated to Y

by Wolff Olins - 12 Dec 2014

A story worth telling

Storytelling is all the rage. The business press is besotted with the subject, telling us how stories empower business leaders under pressure, secure a brand’s place in the market, and help brands frame the sorts of products and services they offer. To quote Fast Company on the topic: “Without a co...

by Zami Majuqwana - 11 Dec 2014