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Out and about in London

Dirty Rotten Socials - Design Like You Give a Damn from Matter&Co on Vimeo.

Wolff Olins were out in force last Thursday and pretty much had London covered! Two of our Creative Directors were over in the East End giving an awesome talk to 500 folks for Glug London. Meanwhile, another group of us were curating ‘Design Like You Give a Damn’ as part of the 'Dirty Rotten Socials’ series with The House of St Barnabas and Pioneers Post in Soho.

Both events gave us a chance to champion two things close to our hearts – collaboration and social impact. At Glug we were able to share not just our work, but how we’ve worked with many other co-conspirators and specialists to make things otherwise impossible possible. And at Design Like You Give a Damn we worked with some outrageously talented people on how to tackle some of the most challenging social issues of the day.


Big thanks to The House of St Barnabas, Pioneers Post and Glug for inviting us to take part and also to our 5 brilliant speakers who participated in the Dirty Rotten Socials event – here’s who they are and the topics we tackled:


James Auger, tutor at RCA Design Interactions and co-founder of Auger Loizeu asked how can the predicting capabilities of online data be used for social good?

Nat Hunter, co-Director of Design at the RSA asked how we can have new shiny things without ruining the planet?


Steven Johnson, the founder of collaborative change, asked how we can improve empathy and awareness of mental illness?

Chris McGinley, Senior Research Associate at The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design asked how we can redesign retirement so it becomes a meaningful and exciting opportunity?

Finally, Joss Bailey, consultant at BOP and visiting scholar at the V&A asked ‘How do we protect our cities from the ravages of global capital and ensure they’re for everyone?’ Here’s something she wrote following the session. 

Lots of great discussion and content to share…just figuring out how best to do it, so let us know if you want to learn more.

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