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Introducing the Wolff Olins Report 2015

Today we are immensely proud to launch The Wolff Olins Report 2015: Impossible and Now.

We started with a simple question, “How has leadership practice changed in the last five years?”. To start to tackle it, we interviewed 43 global CEOs and 10 leadership experts. And we ran a counterpoint survey of over 400 employees. The answer, unsurprisingly, wasn’t so simple. We uncovered a paradox - that today’s leaders need to do what is typically considered “the impossible”, and they need to do it now. Mainly, they must to find ways to create the uncorporation; a company where the culture celebrates and nurtures individualism whilst continuing to meet hard and demanding targets.

As a result, our report this year is not a conclusion, but rather the beginning of a what we hope will be a wider conversation about leadership. To facilitate an ongoing dialogue we have created an interactive platform that encourages commentary from you - the reader - and allows for further research into this fascinating and paradoxical topic.

Everything you read, see and click was created by us at Wolff Olins. From the global principals who interviewed leaders in every corner of the world, to the strategists who helped shape the insights, from the designers who created a beautiful reading experience, to the technologists who built an intuitive platform and the programme managers who kept it all moving ahead. And now, to you, ambitious leaders who can help inform and evolve this thinking. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Please join the conversation and share using the hashtag #WOreport