Why Women's Networks Are More Important Than Ever

When the pandemic started, I was six months pregnant with my second daughter, had just left the agency where I started my career 14 years ago, and my beloved city, New York, was the epicenter of the crisis. We all have our pandemic stories—those that feel uniquely isolating, regressive and just plain hard. Thankfully, mine didn't include a personal experience with Covid or the devastating loss of a loved one, but it was a tough time for all. I wouldn't have gotten through it without the support of my personal and professional networks.  

A month before lockdown began, I joined Chief, the private membership network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders. The Chief core group algorithm is remarkable. It connected me with a group of women who had eerily similar professional and personal circumstances. We were all in career transition, all moms (some also pregnant), all highly accomplished, motivated leaders facing a ton of pressure professionally.

We met monthly, exchanged stories, reflected on our careers through curated exercises, and worked through specific professional challenges that were impacting us at that very moment. We listened, encouraged and advised each other. These ladies helped me prepare myself for the next chapter of my career. "Read this book." "Don't settle for that." "Push harder for what you want." "It sounds like you already know the answer." "You're going to nail it." 

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