Wolff Olins is a global brand consultancy that’s ambitious for the work and optimistic for the world. We’re here to help our clients defy convention, redefine expectations and ignite positive change.

Our Approach

We unite brand, culture and experience to drive impact inside and outside an organisation.


In a world that demands new and better, no one can afford to stand still. Your brand can be a catalyst for change, helping you supercharge your transformation efforts and drive business performance. Wolff Olins fuses maths and magic to turn your vision for tomorrow into something people can feel today.

Insights and measurement

Identify your unique equities and opportunities using qual and quant research designed to give you clarity on what’s important and where to go next. 

Purpose and brand strategy

Define your aspirational north star including why you exist, what makes you special, and how your brand comes to life in a compelling and actionable way.

Brand architecture and portfolio strategy

Organise your brands and products for the future and design systems to help people understand and navigate your offer.

Verbal identity

Use the power of language to distinguish your brand with the right name, tone of voice, and messaging for your audiences.

Visual identity

Create a cut-through expression of your strategy across logo, colour palette, bespoke typography, imagery, motion, sound, haptics, and more.

Activation and governance

Plan and design your launch/rollout to build momentum internally and externally and help you manage your brand into the future.


When it comes to realising your business and brand ambition, a ‘good’ organisational culture is not good enough. You need the right culture for the journey ahead. We use creativity and inspiration to help you shape your internal culture, energise your employees, and retain top talent.

Employee value proposition

Define a compelling ethos for talent that conveys why their work matters and what they can expect in return.

Culture strategy and leadership narrative

Articulate the values, beliefs, behaviors, and foundational principles that support your organisation’s ambition.

Employer brand expression

Bring the brand to life for current and prospective talent via design, messaging, communications, and campaigns.

Change and learning programs

Create behavior-led tools, training, and rituals to build and reinforce the culture strategy and employee value proposition.

Workplace branding and experiences

Design the signature moments, events, and environments that evoke a feeling and disproportionately impact your employee experience.


Brand Experience has become bland experience, fixated on the functional. Optimisation won’t ensure success as people’s expectations soar and their attention depletes. Your brand must realise its unique power to unlock new value for people and your business. We design transformative brand experiences that move people and organisations where they need to go.

Experience strategy

Define the vision, proposition and roadmap across your brand ecosystem to support people while making your brand memorable and meaningful.

Experience innovation

Unlock growth and delight customers through experience enhancements and bold, new-to-world experiences that redefine your category and business.

Experience experiments

Run real-world experiments to make your brand real faster, testing ideas to park, pivot and progress at pace with data-informed confidence.

Experience design

Craft coherent and delightful experiences that surpass people’s needs and help you stand out with memorable moments that create an emotional connection.

Experience activation

Collaborate to bring new physical and digital experiences to market, gather feedback, and evaluate their success via key metrics.


We’re a bunch of sharp thinkers and creative makers on a mission to do the best work of our lives—and always enjoy the ride.

  • Abigail Dennis, Global Head of HR and HR Director London
  • Alex Poriadina, Senior Designer
  • Alexandra Lewis, Senior Engagement Manager
  • Amber Giles, Studio Host
  • Anj Joseph, Senior Strategy Director
  • Astrid D'Hondt, Associate Creative Director
  • Bianca Bensemann, Executive Director for Growth
  • Cassie Simpson, Programme Co-ordinator
  • Charles Wright, Global Principal
  • Charlie Stott, Global Principal
  • Charlotte Sallis, In House Content Designer
  • Chris Baker, Senior Designer
  • David Stevens, Executive Director
  • Elin Morris, Engagement Director
  • Emily Castle, Associate Strategy Director
  • Emily Tyler, Senior Designer
  • Emily Thomas, Associate Engagement Director
  • Emma Barratt, Global Executive Creative Director
  • Estelle Wackermann, Managing Director
  • Etienne Godiard, Senior Motion Designer
  • Finn O'Brien, Associate Creative Director
  • Flora Gouin, Associate Engagement Director
  • Francesco Falco, Design Specialist Director
  • Gauthier Ajarrista, Senior Strategist
  • Guy Marshall, Senior Engagement Director
  • Hanni Randell-Bateman, Associate Strategy Director
  • Helen Sims, Senior Designer
  • Ioana Boldor, Senior Engagement Director
  • Iossie Ng Lei, Associate Creative Director
  • Jake Hougham, Business Development Manager
  • James McNaught, Associate Creative Director
  • Jamilya Kulambayeva, Junior Designer
  • Jessica Bigio, Executive Director
  • Jocelyn Turlan, Senior Strategy Director
  • John Moraes, Management Accountant
  • Joseph Waterfield, Associate Creative Director
  • Sairah Ashman, CEO
  • Karina Stolf, Senior Designer
  • Katelyn Pfeil, Strategy Director
  • Lavanya Sivakumaran, Engagement Director
  • Luca Di Lorenzo, Junior Designer
  • Lucy Gadkari, Strategy Director
  • Manlio Minale, Executive Director
  • Manoj Bhate, Global CFO
  • Markus Nonn, Associate Creative Director Environments
  • Matthew Haysom, Creative Director
  • Maximilian Zimmerer, Designer
  • Melissa Priestman, Senior Engagement Director
  • Michael Karam, Senior Commercial Accountant
  • Milan Kendall Shah, Senior Strategist
  • Oscar Warr, Senior Designer
  • Paul Forbes, Compliance & Experience Administrator
  • Becca Peppiatt, Senior Marketing and Content Manager
  • Rebecca Wood, Engagement Manager
  • Rico Oyejobi, Engagement Director
  • Sacha Prosser, Finance Director
  • Samantha Page, Senior Strategist
  • Scott Townsin, Associate Creative Director
  • Sho Kubota, Strategist
  • Shradha Bhatia, Strategy Director
  • Simone Fletcher, People Experience Advisor
  • Steffan Cummins, Creative Director
  • Stewart Davies, Senior Creative Director
  • Tara Gale, Global Resourcing Director
  • Tom Wason, Global Principal
  • Vikesh Patel, Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Wayne Deakin, Global Principal
  • Winston Duke, Senior Motion Designer
  • Yelena Ford, Strategy Director
  • Aaron Smith, Global Principal
  • Amanda Munilla, Global Principal
  • Ana Camargo, Strategy Director
  • Andrew Lee, Finance Director
  • Annelise Alexander, Associate Strategy Director
  • Brian Meyers, Executive Strategy Director
  • Brooke Dougherty, Executive Assistant
  • Catreen Yoon, Designer
  • Channing Jones, Strategy Director
  • Chloe Rinaldi, Engagement Manager
  • Christine Arakelian, Executive Director
  • Chris Traina, Senior Engagement Director
  • Courtney Hickey, Senior Engagement Director
  • Daniel Renda, Senior Creative Director
  • David Knowles, Senior Designer
  • Doah Kwon, Junior Designer
  • Draeger Gillespie, Associate Motion Director
  • Dylan Fowler, Studio Experience Manager
  • Eddy Lee, Designer
  • Elise Salada Hazlett, Senior Engagement Manager
  • Erik Yang, Associate Creative Director
  • Erynn Hughes, Senior Strategist
  • George Lavender, Associate Creative Director
  • Grace Paik, Associate Strategy Director
  • Ian Carroll, Engagement Director
  • Ina Faerber, Senior Engagement Director
  • Jan Eumann, Executive Creative Director
  • Jane Boynton, Senior Creative Director
  • Jason Chen, Senior Motion Designer
  • Jessica Yan, Creative Director
  • Jheanelle Bell, Senior Assistant Controller
  • Jill Iannazzi, Head of Human Resources
  • Jiin Choi, Junior Designer
  • Jonathan Miller, Engagement Director
  • Jordan Deters, Associate Strategy Director
  • Ramon Jimenez, Global Principal
  • Julia Race, Senior Director
  • Jun Hong, Senior Designer
  • Kate Elkin, Strategy Director
  • Katherine Pisarro-Grant, Associate Verbal Director
  • Kwesi Blair, Senior Strategy Director
  • Lau Huaranga, Associate Creative Director
  • Lindsey Stephens, Senior Engagement Director
  • Lynsey Petruskevich, Senior Engagement Manager
  • Marina Ammirato, Executive Director
  • Matt Welch, Engagement Director
  • Melissa Chavez, Associate Creative Director
  • Michael Khoury, President
  • Molly Brennan, Senior Engagement Manager
  • Nicolo Bernardi, Senior Designer
  • Patricia Debono, HR Generalist
  • Raphael Picciarelli, Associate Engagement Director
  • Rebecca Chen, Strategist
  • Remy Laughlin, Senior Strategist
  • Scott Cress, Associate Creative Director
  • Tal Kamin, Manager, Growth
  • Thomas Wilder, Global Principal
  • Tyler King, Creative Director
  • Tyler Gardon, Associate Director
  • Vince White, Resource Manager
  • William Rauscher, Verbal Director
  • Yash Agarwal, Senior Client Finance Analyst
  • Yiting Nan, Junior Motion Designer
  • Tom Carey, Senior Creative Director
  • Isaac Morrier , Senior Strategist
  • Rebecca Miller, Engagement Manager
  • Jessica Dobkin, Senior Creative Director, Environments
  • Ben Leedham, Associate Creative Director
  • George Adams, Creative Director
  • Sebastian Darke, Engagement Manager
  • Anna Savel, Strategy Intern
  • Georgia Hamberger, Marketing Executive
  • Kellie Carey, Marketing Director
  • Fiona Brady, Engagement Director
  • Eleanor Gimbel, Associate Engagement Director
  • Thomas Collier, Associate Engagement Director
  • Roxanne Gonzales, Engagement Intern
  • Daniel Stettler, Junior Strategist
  • Andy Khatouli, Creative Director
  • Claire Hillier, Executive Assistant
  • Kranthi Vaitla, Finance Assistant
  • Silvia Caballero Alcala, Strategist