How State Farm Leaned into its DNA to Evolve its Brand for the Future

Q> What was the impetus for undertaking a major brand evolution at State Farm in 2019 and 2020? Why now? 

Clinton> In a world that’s rapidly changing, it’s important our brand – the way we express to the world what State Farm stands for – remains relevant and keeps pace with customer expectations. Our goal is to do all that we can to make our brand memorable, so we stay top of mind and fuel growth for State Farm.

Q> The State Farm organization and brand have such a storied legacy. Were there things that were important to keep intact or to not lose when modernizing such an iconic brand? 

Clinton> The State Farm brand is more than just a logo or a commercial on TV. Our brand is shaped by the sum total of experiences we create together every day. So, this new identity system is a set of unifying principles designed to scale our creative expression across every experience and empower us all as brand owners.

Visually, there is an emphasis on our ovals – which remain a strong, consumer-tested asset to our brand recognition. Ovals will be used to put a spotlight on the future customers want to see. Ovals also provide a distinct element to our new custom typeface, with a tilted oval dotting the letter ‘i’ and embedded in the lower-case ‘a’. 

Color-wise, there is a slightly warmer shade of red and new, secondary khaki, gold, and green colors – inspired by our heritage and developed to uniquely distinguish State Farm from other brands with similar colors.

Amanda> One of our team’s favorite parts of the process was getting to really dig into the history of State Farm as an organization and a brand. We spent time on-site with State Farm’s archivist really understanding the most meaningful parts of the State Farm story. From there, our strategists and designers were able to articulate how State Farm could communicate that value more clearly - from how the ovals are used to tell new customer stories to how the color palette is amplified for more seamless digital experiences. 

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