Branding - a dirty word that could clean up our planet

In Glasgow, the world’s leaders are congregating to decide the fate of our planet’s climate and – by extension – our lives, homes and livelihoods. But COP26 is just the start – to reduce emissions and hit net zero, leaders need the backing of their governments and their people.

Take back control. Au nom du peuple. Make America Great Again. Election slogans are political parties’ equivalent of a brand promise. And whatever you think of these parties and people behind them, the slogans above have been successful. They’re successful because they meet the three criteria that most brand, marketing and advertising agencies will say make for a compelling message. They’re single-minded. They’re emotive. They promise to right a wrong. You could be forgiven for thinking that many of the world’s populist movements have taken their cues from brands. And traditional parties would be wise to follow suit. 

Why branding, why now? 

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