We partner with ambitious leaders to design radically better businesses

Businesses come to us when they reach a point of inflection. Incumbents see their world changing and need to redefine their model. We’ve done this in lots of sectors – in energy for Enel, insurance for AXA, and mobility for Daimler, to name a few.

Established businesses want to think about their next chapter. We’ve helped GE, Google and Microsoft do this. Emerging players see an opportunity to scale beyond initial success. We helped Skype go beyond product, Spotify go beyond Europe, and Alibaba go beyond existing technology. We’ve even helped some, liked Modern Fertility and Zocdoc, create whole new categories.

We’ve been building and re-building some of the most powerful and purposeful brands in the world for over 50 years. We use creativity to answer questions, and work across four areas.

Radically better businesses have four elements


We use stories to transform mindsets and models in a fundamental way.

This often involves business innovation, brand strategy, C-suite narrative, purpose, brand architecture, growth planning and a roadmap for action.


We create intelligent identities that embody and signal a new direction.

This might include brand expression, naming, guidance on voice and interaction behaviours, a design systems, and collateral for launch and roll-out.


We design high impact experiences that deliver new value to employees and customers

Deliverables might be value propositions, experience strategy and design, culture change programs, content strategy and prototypes.


We use learning to activate strategy and scale change together.

This might involve engagement strategy, learner journeys, course and class design, content production, community activation and analytics.

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