At Wolff Olins, strategy defines both an organization’s future, and creates the experiences, services, tools that will realize it.  Senior Strategists help Senior Executives make fundamental decisions about what they will invest in, build and enable. Using cut-through, rigor and imagination, it is your responsibility to create significant commercial and social impact.

This position requires dynamic, self-motivated individuals with experience in understanding different types of business models and challenges, conducting research and analyzing large amounts of content to develop cut-through insights, and connecting these insights to clients’ business and brand opportunities.​​ Skills in innovation and new methodology matter greatly and we’ll expect you to be resourceful and imaginative in bringing new ways to the team.

This role requires overseeing of and accountability for key aspects of our work. You will be a driver of our projects and directly supporting those leading overall.  You will work on more than one project but you will the ‘go to’ person for key dimensions and deliverables on that project. You’ll be bringing to bear your acquired experience so far – writing your own briefs, formulating your own answers.  ​

You’ll be working as part of a bigger team, but also provide guidance to those less senior than you’re your conscientiousness in becoming a role model is vital.

Your experience will be broadening across different sectors and organizations at this point, through your work with clients and on new business.  The Senior Strategist works closely with strategy directors, design directors and designers.


  • You feel comfortable originating all key elements of a brand strategy
  • Persuasive in all situations, able to help clients take risks Keen to develop new frameworks and ways to think
  • Growing voice and strong point of view – able to offer an interesting perspective to your team and client
  • Able to work independently and with confidence, know when to bring the right people in when to collaborate
  • Brings rigor to the work – has a keen eye for quality and finessing the work to the correct degree.
  • Well organized, able to be bring due process and time planning to the production of work (across disciplines)

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree plus 3-5 years experience in brand, advertising, digital or management consultant agencies

To apply e-mail resume and cover letter to: