You are the strategic thinker in terms of the project approach, team and growth for mid-sized programs. Your primary job is to push these programs forward alongside a Principal or Senior – becoming the backbone of the client relationship and larger teams, growing them into long-term pillar client relationships for Wolff Olins that exemplify creativity for positive progress.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • You drive the program and the team, bringing to bear constructive direction, amazing commercial nous and a POV on content to those working with you
  • You guide and motivate people around you – both colleagues and clients – and earn their respect and confidence
  • You partner with more senior clients as their direct contact and build tight-knit partnerships with Wolff Olins Principals/Seniors
  • You make confident program decisions, and are smart and persuasive in bringing others with you
  • You spot opportunities for growing the program beyond the current job whilst demonstrating value for the client
  • You constantly seek and find new and innovative ways to develop the work and your team, particularly in areas such as technology, digital delivery, customer experience and social impact
  • You proactively take responsibility for building the profile of the Program Management community through content and initiatives

Key Experience & Capabilities

The right individual will have an excess of 5 years experience in managing a mix of brand and technology projects 
across a variety of client problems. Previous clients are primarily tech companies and make up a rich portfolio of B2B and B2C. You will have ideally managed budgets of over $1million pa. You have experience in launching digital products and services, managing in-depth research and insight programs. Fluency with innovation, experience in other regions, geographies, markets as well as additional languages is a plus.

They must demonstrate:

  • Indisputable project management skills
  • Excellent commercial acumen in scoping complex programs, managing budgets, forecasting revenue and understanding legal/contracts (MSA, NDA, licensing)
  • An ability to balance the big picture with day-to-day project delivery detail, connecting client needs and internal resources, prioritizing workload for yourself and the team
  • An ability to take ownership of foresight on projects and solve issues ahead, keeping the momentum of the work and healthy team dynamics
  • Making active contributions to the deeper strategic and creative conversations, strongly influencing process as well as content
  • An ability to push the buttons of different personalities, building strong relationships internally and externally
  • Getting under the skin of their clients and seek to understand how better to support and guide them
  • Being able to see the bigger picture beyond the current job, making smart connections for future opportunities and act on it
  • Being articulate and assertive in presenting work and facilitating workshops alongside others

Interpersonal Skills

They are:

  • Ambitious, driven and optimistic
  • Never afraid to offer your opinion – or asking others their
  • Open and receptive to the contributions of those around them and a healthy respect for experience of more senior team members
  • Team-player and good reader of the room, understands how to input into a conversation or debate in a constructive way building on content
  • Always hungry to learn, always ready to share
  • Never satisfied, stopping at nothing to do your best work
  • Open to new and different ways of working, rather than sticking to habit or comfortable processes – this is not the right job for a box ticker
  • Staying cool under pressure
  • Business-savvy, a commercial brain who sees opportunity for growth in all you do
  • Challenging the status quo, looking for new ways to push work forward in line with the brief and to positively challenge the client
  • Having an inspiring, reassuring and knowledgeable presence on their jobs


To apply, send a cover letter and resume to