Your Role

This is the pivotal design role at Wolff Olins – You are the main engine of the design that happens here. Your primary job is to push our design forwards – with brilliant creative ideas, amazing design and craft skills and smart strategic thinking

You are responsible for..

  • Leading a workstream on a large project or leading a small to medium sized project, so you must be able to lead small teams and give constructive direction and guidance to the designers working with you. 
  • Packaging and presenting your work for clients with minimal input from design or creative directors. 
  • Exciting and Inspiring people around you – both colleagues and clients – and earn their respect and confidence 
  • Making confident design decisions and being smart and persuasive in bringing others with you 
  • Organising and prioritising your and others’ workload
  • Bringing a strong creative point of view to the design community and Wolff Olins as a whole

You will have

come from a commercial design background, and will be credible one of in our core disciplines of graphic design, interaction design or motion graphics. You’ll most likely be drawing upon at least  4 years creative experience.

You should

  • be a brilliant creative thinker, with the ability to push things 
  • have excellent craft skills with a strong attention to detail 
  • be comfortable engaging with the strategic dimension of our work, able to get under the skin of clients’ issues, strong on content as well as visuals
  • be able to make smart connections between what’s going on in the world and what we do for our clients 
  • be articulate, confident and assertive in presenting work
  • be highly collaborative and able to build strong relationships within design and across the business
  • be generous, willing to share ownership, never be precious, never protective
  • be highly proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator Indesign and G suite. 
  • Ideally have skills in one or more of the following; After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro, Sketch, Processing Javascriptideally have skills in one or more of the following; After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro, Sketch, Processing Javascript
  • have a strong point of view, but a healthy respect for the  experience of more senior creatives

You are

  • Curious about the world around you
  • Relentlessly energetic and positive, up for any challenge
  • Unafraid to try – and fail with a ‘nothing is impossible’ spirit,
  • Never satisfied, stopping at nothing to do your best work
  • Hungry to learn, always ready to share
  • Never precious, never protective
  • Never afraid to offer your opinion – or ask others their
  • Proud to pull on the WO jersey, never taking it for granted
  • Relentlessly energetic and positive, up for any challenge
  • Determined and tenacious enough to see things through
  • Ambitious-  constantly challenging yourself  and others to get the best out of each other
  • Generous, able to share ownership, never precious, never protective
  • Open minded and flexible, constantly looking for new ways to make stuff happen and make the design better
  • Unafraid to try – and fail, possessing a ‘nothing is impossible’ spirit

To apply

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