New York

Client Principal

Wolff Olins

We’ve always been ambitious for the work and optimistic for the world, pushing what’s possible, exploring new ways of doing things and using our creativity to make a difference.  We never stand still and we’re currently on the look-out for bright, energetic and thoughtful leaders to help shape the next era of Wolff Olins in the US. 

Your role

As a Principal, you will drive growth through unconventional thinking and creativity, helping our largest clients build transformational brands.  You will lead by example and embody our culture by supporting our people to deliver their best work. You will use your rich network of clients and contacts to find, win, lead and deliver transformative work, running each client team as an individual P&L.  

We’re looking for hands-on client service and/or strategy practitioners who can generate work, deliver results and have fun.  You will have significant experience in winning, developing and retaining clients, while sharing your expertise and leading teams in the wider business. You will have a reputation in your own right, with expertise and experience in brand.  You will have ideally led a variety of multi-disciplinary teams previously.

You are responsible for

  • Developing our US client portfolio with an emphasis on new business, long-term relationships and organic growth via our extended set of offerings
  • Being a trusted partner and advisor to C-level clients while ensuring client satisfaction and retention
  • Pushing the ambition and quality of the work across your portfolio, ensuring it meets Wolff Olins’ exacting standards and makes us proud
  • Achieving revenue ($3M) and profitability targets each year from both new and existing clients 
  • Working with our new business team to make 10+ new qualified connections per annum
  • Helping build and lead the US team of program managers, strategists and designers
  • Developing those you work with, supporting and pushing them to do their best work 
  • Owning and sharing your area of expertise with all communities to further our learning culture
  • Collaborating with other leaders across the business to co-pitch to positive effect
  • Continuously reviewing and evolving our offering, and establishing how we can work with partners to deliver more to our clients
  •  Being a Wolff Olins ambassador within our industry and beyond

You should

  • Be an amazing practitioner - you should have recognizable expertise and/or skills in your practice area that clients and teams recognize and appreciate. You can develop content and bring a point of view to what we do and how we do it, in a way that ensures we create world-class work that delivers results. 
  • Be a growth driver - the Principal role is responsible for generating, securing and developing significant business.  You should be able to deliver against our company aims and values, in a way that is demonstrably profitable.  You should be willing to play an active and visible role in marketing initiatives that establish our offer in the world and grow our network.  
  • Be a generous leader - as a Principal, you should be able to create a thriving team dynamic, take a supportive approach to developing our people and the opportunity for others to progress personally.  You should want to embody our values, inspire our people and make Wolff Olins a great place to work.
  • Be an energizing force - you should have presence, create an impact and be the kind of person that others want to spend time with, learn from and enjoy spending time with.  The work we do is often demanding and we expect a lot of ourselves.  We need our leaders to be self-starting and able to positively mobilize teams around them.

You are

  • Credible at the C-Suite / Board level on all aspects of brand-building from strategy to design and beyond
  • A creative thinker and an innovator with new strong points of view, confident in challenging convention with conviction, persuasive in all situations, able to help clients take risks
  • Determined to change the role of business in society with a commitment to delivery
  • Assertive, ambitious, for yourself and Wolff Olins, equal parts curious for what’s possible and hungry for impact
  • Confident with the buck stopping at your door, a responsible attitude to our business, paying attention to upcoming overall needs beyond individual client projects
  • Inspiring and nurturing in your team, alongside both clients and colleagues, able to work independently, aware of when to bring the right people in and when to collaborate
  • Rigorous with a keen eye for quality and finessing the work, comfortable with ambiguity and able to improvise
  • Eager and able to offer an interesting perspective to the media or at conferences

What you get

  • Freedom and autonomy - we give our leaders latitude to be themselves and operate in ways they feel work best for their clients, their teams and the business. We’re always looking for the optimal way to help people operate and teams be amazing. We won’t box you in.
  • Influence and impact - we work with the most senior and influential leaders operating at a level with significant authority to make change happen. Our leaders are able to directly influence these leaders and the impact they make in the world.
  • Reputation and network - we help build high profile individual reputations and set our people up for ongoing future success. Our alumni have gone on to become award-winning novelists, senior clients at some of the most respected brands in the world or gone to set up their own businesses areas as broad as tourism and fashion.