New York

Senior Motion Designer


Senior Motion Designer 


Your community:

Our design community helps create transformative brands that move businesses, people and the world forward. We believe brands can transform how we think and live – creatively, culturally and commercially. We’re not interested in superficial or incremental change. We make things different to make a difference. 


Your role

As a multi-disciplined creative with a clear focus on animation and film, your role is to support one or several project teams in creating brilliant, innovative and carefully crafted motion work. You use your exceptional creative and technical animation and storytelling skills to shape and present world-class creative.  


You are responsible for

  • Exploring and developing visual identities through motion, creating stings, graphic devices and interactive prototypes
  • Planning and realising films and other motion content, from initial script and storyboard through to production and editing
  • Producing and delivering high quality, easily usable motion assets that are readily adopted across our clients’ organisations
  • Continuously discovering new tools, processes and ideas, adding to the breadth and diversity of creative development in the community 
  • Making smart connections between clients needs and technical possibilities and between static and moving design elements
  • Close collaboration with teams large or small, being responsive to their needs and assisting them in finding the best use of motion
  • Managing your own time, meeting deadlines and advising on planning projects
  • Promoting and being a crucial part of company culture and values


  • 4 years creative experience in motion design, animation, film or interactive, either in a production company, design studio or freelance capacity. 
  • You’re an expert in After Effects and Adobe CC, have a solid understanding of 3D (we use C4D) and keep a keen eye on any new motion tools as they become available
  • be expert in film and animation principles - timing, framing, lighting and design - and are able to channel these to create compelling films and experiences 


Experience with any of the following would be an advantage:

  • Camera/Graphic Design/Illustration/UI design/coding/sound would be an advantage
  • Illustration skills
  • Camera skills
  • third party render engines (Octane, Redshift)
  • UI prototyping (Principle)
  • Code-based/generative (processing, open frameworks)
  • AR/VR tools (Unity/Unreal) 



You will:


Be imaginative - you generate original ideas favouring radical solutions. You should develop concepts that focus on the route cause and create a clear vision. You are interested in the underlying principles of an idea and comfortable in applying theory.

 Explore the world- you analyse information, ask probing questions and having a passion for finding solutions. You understand the logic behind arguments and ensure you have established all the relevant facts behind them.  

Take responsibility You meet the deadline and are focused on ensuring the task at hand is fully completed. You champion your craft, and are meticulous about the detail.

Be approachable- you are an optimist, who readily accepts new challenges. You cope well with uncertainty and take little time to recover from setbacks. You thrive on the feedback and encourage others to critique your work with an aim to push it further

Create impact- you are persuasive and articulate. You clearly express your point of view and support others in developing and articulating theirs.  You should be confident when challenging your team and a looking to negotiate the best deal. 


Wolff Olins believes in creating an environment where people can bring their whole selves to work.  We are interested in our people having diverse points of view and different perspectives on the world.