Virgin Media

Having just achieved their 11th straight quarter of growth, Virgin Media wanted a new logo to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. It quickly became clear that the logo wasn’t the problem, and that they were in the midst of an identity crisis. We helped solved this by reasserting their attitude.

When Virgin Media approached us, there was no overall visual system in place so the experience lacked coherence. We set up sessions with agency partners and internal brand, marketing, and HR teams and audited around 6,000 pieces of print and digital output. These sessions helped Virgin Media’s people to air their concerns, which in turn helped us to form a stronger picture of exactly what needed fixing. Our thoughts grew into a brief that asked three questions:

1) what was the attitude that ran through Virgin Media? 2) how could we enable them to respond quicker and in the right way? 3) how could we bring that to life in VM’s applications?

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