Changing how the world moves

Uber came to us at a time of immense change. With a new leadership team on the horizon, we helped shift the company from a rideshare company to a platform for global mobility; from a Silicon Valley perspective to a global outlook; from growth-focused to people-focused.

Beyond simple

Since Uber operates in 660+ cities globally, encompassing bikes, tuk-tuks and flying cars, it needed a holistic brand system to accommodate them all. We worked alongside both product and marketing across five mega-regions globally to create a universal ‘beyond-simple’ brand — instead of pursuing a complex identity system, localised through colour and pattern. Key parts of the brand included a bespoke typeface, designed for hyper-legibility across 13+ languages; driver-centric stories told through a supportive ‘U-frame’ composition; and a Safety Blue addition to the colour palette to indicate special moments of care and connection. Considering the decentralised structure of Uber, this flexible system enabled teams in diverse markets to make it relevant to their audiences with culturally specific content. 

An $82 billion IPO

The new brand was launched September 2018 alongside a new mission statement and a renewed commitment to safety. We’re thrilled to share that since our partnership, Uber’s brand went up 51% in value. In May 2019, it went public to be valued at more than $82 billion. For more details on the brand launch, check out Fast Company, AdWeek and Uber’s own case study website. Thanks to our tireless collaborators MCKL Type Foundry and the Uber Brand Experience Team.

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