Banking is the world’s least loved industries and the need for change is clear. CEO Ricky Knox wanted to create a new type of bank, and a new kind of organisation in the world, defined by its values rather than its value.

We were asked to be creative partners to help define the organisation and bring it to life for customers. We looked at the target audience – young people making their first big life decisions. We started to create a bank with them. Rather than the usual top-down hierarchy, we made them co-founders and built a community around them.

We integrated the whole person into our thinking. Of course, we were concerned with an individual’s financial life – their bills, mortgages and student loans – but we were also interested in their lifestyle, holidays, family time, and the causes that were important to them.

After agreeing on the new name, changing Open Bank to Tandem, we created the visual identity and ran workshops with co-founders to co-create the experience principals of this new bank.

When Tandem launched it had 100 co-founders. Within a year the number had grown to 10,000. It has challenged consumer apathy towards the banking sector and encouraged them to change where they bank. We took a tech-led experience and made it feel hand-crafted and collaborative.


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