A new way of shopping

The SM Store introduced the nation to the shopping mall and has become central to how Filipinos live and shop. As Filipinos have become digital, e-commerce in the country has grown far more slowly than the rest of the world. It was time to take The SM Store online and give people a whole new way to shop the store they already love.

Everyday made super

We created a new name, ShopSM, and a new identity, The Super Standard. The identity takes standard things from the everyday and makes them super. It represents what ShopSM sells, stands out in the market, reflects The SM Store’s standard-setting heritage, capturing the new shopping behaviour the brand promotes. 

New standards set

Launched in Summer 2019, ShopSM makes it more convenient and more exciting for the Philippines to shop for the essentials that make their everyday brilliant. The recent launch sets the standard for other brick-and-mortar retailers in the Philippines and establishes a positive path for other national retailers to follow. 

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