Sage Therapeutics

Pioneering a new way of approaching brain health

For too long, people with brain and mental health disorders have been left behind, contending with stigma, treatment options that are often inadequate and pharma companies abandoning a field they deemed too complicated to tackle. Biopharma company Sage Therapeutics is pursuing new ways to treat brain disorders and was on the cusp of bringing an important, and innovative, new drug to market. Before it could set a new standard of treatment for disorders ranging from depression to epilepsy to Parkinson’s disease, Sage needed a brand that could work harder as the company advanced its mission to develop therapies that get people better, sooner.

Tackling the stigma

As Sage evolved from a clinical to commercial-stage company, we helped express its distinctive approach – shifting the conversation from mental health as subjective experience to biological condition, with solutions that have the potential to radically improve people’s lives. We reframed the brand around its core belief that seeing the brain differently makes a world of difference. This language lets Sage own the ‘brain health’ space and embodies its commitment to destigmatize and treat the brain with the same attention and urgency given to other vital organs.

The design system puts an emphasis on an optimistic depiction of the brain and the patient stories behind it. At the heart of the visuals is the new logo that tells the story of a united, collaborative approach to brain health. Bold colors and illustrations challenge industry conventions of inaccessible scientific imagery and suffering patients.

Owning 'brain health'

In 2019, Sage brought to market the first and only treatment specifically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for postpartum depression, a condition that affects up to 1 in 9 new mothers. We are proud to have created a new, optimistic brand to help launch Sage’s first treatment – and we’re eager to see the brand continue to help change how people see and treat brain conditions.

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