Interactive Investor

interactive investor is one of the largest investment platforms in the UK, but many people don’t know who they are. To help them become known as the challenger brand in their market, they needed to completely rethink their brand.

With recent acquisitions, interactive investor have become one of the largest trading and investment platforms in the UK. However, they had low brand awareness. They needed to reinvigorate their brand and shake up their position in the industry.

Although other institutions often controlled people’s finances, they didn’t necessarily have customers’ best interests at heart. Interactive Investor wanted to provide an alternative way for people to invest in their future. They wanted to become a challenger brand, and to do this they had to look at everything from their purpose and offer, through to visual identity, communications, internal engagement and advertising.

We started by defining why they exist.  They wanted to compel people to take control of their financial futures, rather than relying on financial providers. We summarised this as the ‘Fight for people’s financial independence’.

The brand personality, which revolved around being passionate, smart and impartial, drove the development of a bold identity. It’s based on strong colours, an interactive logo and design language, and a clear messaging system. This highlights standout features, including a revolutionary flat fee pricing, impartial expert content, a breadth of markets and currencies, and award winning service.

We then developed the concept and tools for a powerful internal engagement programme. It was designed to help every team member understand and apply the brand on a daily basis. We also worked with partner agencies to develop the advertising campaign for press, digital and out of home.


The brand has been received well internally and employees say they feel proud to be a part of the business. With its biggest external campaign yet on the horizon, we’re confident customers will want to get involved and take charge of their financial futures.


Fight for your financial independence 

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