Today, travellers are no longer looking for just a place to stay – they’re looking for individuality. How could Hyatt create a brand that would apply to hundreds of distinct experiences?

Customers want reliability but they also want unique, memorable experiences – places that become as much a part of the vacation as the destination itself. Hyatt, a global powerhouse with a reputation for excellent service, saw an opportunity to connect independently branded “stays” under one brand.

Having worked with us before, Hyatt CMO Maryam Banikarim asked us to help design this new “soft brand”—a thread that could tie together a collection of distinctive, independent properties. This would enable owners to have the freedom to develop something unique, without losing the assurance and purchasing power of the Hyatt brand behind-the-scenes.

Nearly simultaneously, we had a chance to put the blueprint into action. Hyatt was in the process of purchasing the Thompson Miami Beach, an existing boutique luxury property. They asked us to create an identity that would help it stand out in the Miami market, while fitting into the Unbound Collection by Hyatt.

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