Helping Google help users

We’ve partnered with Google teams to tackle over 50 diverse initiatives since 2010, helping serve billions of people across the world. Working centrally with Google Shopping, Travel, Cloud, Maps Platform, Express, Fiber, Creative Lab, DoubleClick, Accessories, Fit, Wear, Tasks, X, YouTube and many more projects, we help power and simplify users' lives every day.

Prototyping the future

We help Google create new kinds of experiences, developing product visions the organisation can rally around. These reimagine entire sectors like shopping and travel. We create designs people want to use, tackling Google’s broadest experience questions such as: how might Google behave across digital and physical? How might we connect users and merchants in search? How might we help people interact with AI?

Impact at unprecedented scale

From the core motion and interaction behaviours of Google’s visual identity, to changing the whole landscape of telecommunications with Google Fiber. Product, UX, Marketing and Agency teams are inspired, empowered and aligned through our work. Building and marketing products that help billions of people, hundreds of times a day.

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