Girl Effect

Girl Effect, founded by the NIKE Foundation, pioneered the case that investing in girls has dramatically positive effects on societies and economies in the developing world. A decade later, we helped build a launch positioning and identity to match their renewed ambition.

In 2015, Girl Effect became an independent organisation, and its new CEO, Farah Ramzan Golant, wanted to focus the organisation’s diverse portfolio of activities.

Building on successful projects in Ethiopia and Rwanda, it would create big local brands that use video, radio, drama and music to change social norms so that, for the first time, girls could get the education, healthcare and opportunities they deserve.

To do so, Girl Effect needed three things: a vision to drive change, a culture to enable change, and a visual identity to signal change to the world.

We helped develop a new, focused vision for launch based around the idea of creating a new normal with and for girls.

Working closely with Girl Effect’s top team, we answered fundamental questions about the organisation. 

represents the power of girls and the dynamism of the work Girl Effect creates with them. Designed to be active and vibrant, it has a sense of momentum and reflects the organisation’s pioneering spirit.

To signal this transformation to the world, we created a visual identity called ‘the burst’. It

Following this, we helped shape a set of principles, and a clear portfolio of projects to attract investment as a creative non-profit. With a cross-section of Girl Effect’s people, and groups of teenage girls, we co-created the Girl Effect Way – a set of working habits, brought to life through tangible actions across the organisation.

Within a year, Girl Effect’s transformation was well under way. The new vision united its teams behind a single focus and inspired new innovation. They received multiple awards including Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award, Campaign Magazine’s Creative Tech Award and a Market Research Society Award.

an on-demand content and one-on-one support mobile platform in Nigeria.

Girl Effect has since launched Zathu, a new youth brand in Malawi, and re-launched its global mobile platform as Springster. It is expanding its girl-operated research tool TEGA, and is piloting Girls Connect

Girl Effect has ambitious goals to reach many more girls in many more countries, and its new vision is helping attract the large-scale investment it needs to empower girls to change their lives and make the world a better place.

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