Reimagining the energy industry

Enel is one of the world’s biggest energy companies, the largest producer of renewable energy and runs the only fully digitised energy grid. Its leadership team decided to develop a transformative brand to help it shape and lead a new, participatory era for the sector where people will produce their own energy, technology will convert energy into new opportunities and the world will thrive on more sustainable energy resources.

Democratizing power

We worked with Enel to develop its brand proposition ‘Open Power’ as a strategic platform for growth. Offering a clear rallying call to unite the organisation to shift the entire sector from a production-oriented, conservative mindset towards a people-centric philosophy that truly engages its customers, partners and stakeholders to open new opportunities. This philosophy was then brought to life through a new brand architecture including the creation of the Enel X services brand and a new visual identity built around a cursor – energy’s starting point – that’s always moving and energetic.

Shaping the next era in energy

The Enel brand has had a truly transformative impact uniting an organisation and several product lines across 30 countries, as well as driving growth and preparing the organisation for the digital age. It has also helped the company experiment and innovate for the future, including the creation of the future-facing Enel X brand that will transform energy into a new power for people and businesses around the world.

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“The collaboration we’ve had with Wolff Olins has been a big step change for our company. Open Power has made us a very unique company in the utility space.”

Francesco Starace

Chief Executive Officer, Enel

53% increase of share price in the first two years after launch