Shaking up the healthcare system for good. Introducing the technology platform that will put billions back into care.

Nothing is more certain in American life than death, taxes and medical bills. And those bills are generally the biggest source of pain. Burgess is a health-tech pioneer producing the software that will address this.

Founder Greg Burgess is obsessed with improving the accurate payment of medical claims, and he called us as he was preparing the release of an ambitious new product – one that could become the industry standard across the USA.

Having the best product in this field, however, doesn’t guarantee success. The sales cycle is long, cloud based technologies risk being misunderstood and inaccurate comparisons can undermine true value. ‘Big players’ occupy a disproportionate amount of mindshare, and the industry’s beset by inertia, misinformation and mistrust. Buyers often stick with what they have, even if it performs poorly, because change has been hard in the past.

We were brought on board to overcome these barriers, create a new space and ultimately reduce the crippling administrative burden and billions of dollars wasted.

Only by connecting deeply to people across the healthcare landscape, not just the purchasers of the software, would Burgess be able to cut through industry norms and establish a new standard. And only by redesigning the entire customer and employee experience could it occupy a unique position – as a partner and provider of a platform, rather than a vendor.

We started by developing a purpose that would set the agenda: to help healthcare keep its promises. Focussing on this idea, rather than product benefits, elevated the ambition and encouraged long-term thinking.

Building on this, we created a vibrant, adaptive, digital-first design system that unified product, sales, and marketing efforts. Among the elements was a new device which we called ‘the knot’. It’s a visual representation of a promise kept – the aspiration at the heart of the organization.

We designed a series of tools and experiences that embodied the purpose. With Sales & Marketing leaders, we built a new website, conference presence, content strategy and sales tools that were well received by clients.

With the product team, we collaborated on a user-friendly interface, product demos, the Burgess Source brand and materials to bring it to market. And with HR & Operations, we developed recruiting processes, internal rituals and training materials to energise and equip employees.

In less than one year, Burgess has already defined a new space in the industry. It’s attracting talent from top tech companies, and has a reinvigorated, entrepreneurial team.

Its Source platform has hit success hard and early. Sales are up in volume and value, there’s more conversation and conversion, and adoption is far faster than forecast.

Beyond sales, it’s attracting the attention of industry leaders, commentators and investors. With a clear story and supercharged experience, it’s one to watch, to work for and to buy. We’re excited to watch it grow and drive progress in the American healthcare industry.

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