A new model

The traditional model of insurance - where everyone pays premiums but only 20% claim - leaves many feeling left out. People have started to expect more. To create a successful business model, and maintain its leading position at a time when new, tech-driven insurers are capturing people's attention, AXA wanted to change. Rather than being a payer that only supports when things go wrong, it’s aiming to be a partner that encourages things to go right.

Know you can

We helped shape a new promise for the AXA brand: Know You Can. It positions the organisation as a brand that enriches people’s lives, it guides the business to act differently, and it invites employees to pursue their goals. And most importantly, it makes it imperative for AXA to become an encouraging partner for all of its customers. 

To signal a change, we created a refreshed identity system, working together with Rob Bailey, Sixième Son, Publicis and Animade. The red switch, which has been part of the identity for over 20 years, sits at the heart. Liberated from the logo and amplified in size, the switch takes on new presence and meaning. The upward angle represents forward progress and possibility, linking to the ‘Know You Can’ promise, and it’s always shown with people, either through photography or illustration, to show the connection between AXA and its customers.

Relationships deepened

The new brand promise was the foundation for a global advertising campaign which has increased consideration for AXA by up to 13 points and increased intention to buy by up to 9 points. It has also shaped a new, global approach to customer experience and innovation, helping teams launch new propositions and services that deepen AXA’s relationship with its customers.

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