Some founders would be satisfied with helping millions of people get easier access to doctors. But Zocdoc CEO Oliver Kharraz and his team have bolder ambitions; their sights are on transforming the relationship we have with healthcare forever.

Today, tech-first company Zocdoc helps millions of Americans find neighbourhood specialists, book appointments instantly and cut the form-filling. From day 1, eight years ago, the patient has sat at the centre of the offer. The platform is  also loved by doctors, enabling them to spend less time on admin and more on care.

With 600 employees and a recent valuation of the company at $1.8 billion, the Zocdoc team wanted to use their scale to go further. They want to help patients connect across a fragmented landscape and become a trusted centre of care – the digital heart of the experience.


“The new face of Zocdoc looks the way healthcare should – friendly, simple, and most of all, reflective of patients and real life”

Richard Fine, VP Marketing, Zocdoc
Fit for the future
We loved their objective and knew the existing brand experience wasn’t up to the task. Zocdoc’s promise to “give power to the patient” needed a system designed from their perspective. It had to show empathy, responding to a patient’s needs and emotions. It had to feel radically different from a healthcare sector beset by complexity, bureaucracy and analog legacy systems.

Seriously lovable
Out went a desktop-focused experience led by cartoon-like characters and a user flow focused solely on efficiency. In its place, we put forward a responsive, mobile-first experience.

Graphically, the design is a marked departure from sector norms. The warm, yellow-led colour palette is optimistic in feel. Instead of corporate shields and crosses, we created Zee – a line drawing of a dynamic letter Z with eyes, evoking an ever-changing face.

By subtly responding to situations in a human way, Zee helps patients feel like their journey is understood, and a true-to-life photographic style mirrors patients’ day-to-day lives. Taken together, and unlike any peer, the visual elements create the impression that Zocdoc is completely designed around patient needs.

Operating as one
Working in an agile way with Zocdoc’s Head of Marketing and Design, we’ve helped create a brand experience that’s caring, smart and simple. It was a collaborative and iterative process, based around frequent sessions with our respective UX and marketing teams.

“It combines the friendliness and aesthetics of Airbnb with the functionality of OpenTable and a dose of its own take on these new visual standards”


Everyone played with and tested the system out in different use cases, and critically, real patients were brought into the conversation at an early stage. They were key to the decision-making process, and ultimately chose the most radical solution. Feedback loops between us and the end users provided a basis for swift improvements.

With an experience designed to match their bold human vision, Zocdoc is now a better partner to millions of patients, and puts them in control of their own health.