We helped create a purpose that could unify their leadership, inspire their employees, and encapsulate their ambition. The brand idea became, ‘Smart and Simple Everyday’. This became a powerful mantra, aligning management and employees to better serve customer needs.

Making complexity clearer

One of the first tangible outcomes of our work was a series of animated films that clearly and simply explained important energy issues to PG&E’s customers. California’s unique regulatory environment adds a lot of complexity to energy bills and rates. Our films helped people understand the origins of the costs, and what they could do to reduce them. They’ve have been used online, in community sessions and during employee training, giving staff and customers alike a way to speak the same language.

We also re-organized PG&E’s portfolio of over 200 products and services. When we began, the portfolio was confusing, and clearly belonged to an organization defined by complicated regulatory requirements. We simplified to build a framework around customer needs.

By helping PG&E understand a customer’s energy engagement path and providing messaging guidance at each stage, marketing is more efficient because it offers the right product to the right person at the right time. By offering people more relevant ways to save, and by proving a utility provider can help, PG&E is improving the likelihood that customers will engage with the brand and, most importantly, save as a result.