Twenty years after Wolff Olins created the original brand, we pitched and won the opportunity to do it all over again. We talked to people in France, Spain, Senegal and Poland – places where Orange and their competitors have been growing their businesses – and they told us clearly: telcos aren’t listening.

Listening is how we understand people, and a digital world thrives when it builds on our ability to listen. We explored what that means, speaking to nurses and researchers, clinical psychologists and aid facilitators.

Prototyping a listening experience
We crafted a set of principles that explained the kind of experiences a ‘listening company’ could create. We designed ‘trigger’ moments for customers and employees, and took to the streets with a 3D-printed orange box to gather insights for our prototypes.

“You kept us focused, created energy, and built the confidence that brought the rest of the business along.”

Daniel Keller, Former Director of Global Brand Strategy, Orange

A new offer and expression
We worked closely with Orange’s brand, marketing, product, digital and retail teams to transform how they present their offer. The architecture started with six themes, identified in research as true essentials: home, work, money, wellbeing, fun and family. These helped broaden the conversation with customers, shifting the focus away from product features and price.

As a result of this thinking, the brand needed to express itself differently. We developed a system that shows it is listening to what’s essential and responding to people’s changing lives.

“This brand brings the power of the network to the surface.  Orange now supports and enhances the most important parts of customers’ lives.”

Pierre-Antoine Arlot, Programme Director

Inspiring change from within
With strategy, expression and prototypes in hand, we needed to help 170,000 employees become brilliant at listening. To inspire change, we designed a culture that could grow and support systemic shift across 33 countries.

We piloted the work in two of Orange’s major markets: Poland and Spain, working with teams on the ground to understand unique needs. We generated ideas through workshops, built an online sharing platform, and developed a brand champions program to galvanise a generation of trainers.

Beyond this, we worked with the CEO’s executive committee to figure out how the brand’s ambition could amplify the corporate strategy.

The first telco of the internet age
The revamped brand put its people and technology in touch with the everyday needs of individuals. The response of the business leaders in France, Spain and Poland was positive and action was swift. Customers overwhelmingly approved of the new proposition, and it received recognition from global research company, Ipsos.

“This brand is customer centricity at its best.”

Ipsos qualitative research, 2014

In 2013, Orange’s CEO Stephane Richard set the company on its new trajectory to be “the first telco of the internet age.” We are immensely proud to have been a part of that journey.