Nixon Peabody is a large global law firm that has been serving clients across a number of industries for decades. But like the entire legal industry, NP was hearing calls for change.

Clients were demanding dynamic thinking, innovation, energy and unparalleled levels of business savvy. NP needed a brand to showcase this.

“This branding effort was focused on thinking differently, and making a difference for clients”

Andrew Glincher, CEO, Nixon Peabody

A future-facing mindset 
In collaboration with attorneys and staff throughout the firm, we developed a brand strategy focused on providing maximum value to clients and creating a home for future talent. At the heart of this evolved approach lies NP’s commitment to being predictive and proactive, looking ahead in order to foresee obstacles.

As the idea took shape, the firm wanted a look and feel that emphasized its ambition. We created a visual and verbal identity system that’s bold and forward facing. The new ‘spark’ logo and bright colour palette represent the firm’s energy and spirit. The verbal brand revolves around brevity, optimism, and clarity. 

“The logo looks like a tech startup’s. In the vanilla world of legal branding, that’s the equivalent of wearing a tank top to the boardroom”


Just the start
Internally, the new brand promise and identity ignited enthusiasm. The brand launch was covered broadly, and favourably, in the press. Today, the brand strategy flows through their interactions with clients, talent recruitment, operations, and of course, marketing and social media.