Driven by the conviction that having more information about their fertility gives people greater control and more options, Modern Fertility founders Afton and Carly built a direct-to-consumer at-home test. It’s the same one offered in many fertility clinics, but it comes at a fraction of the cost and results are easy for anyone to understand.

“Information makes us powerful , especially when that information is ours to begin with.”

Afton Vechery, CEO and Co-Founder

A path to growth
As part of the growing femtech and personalized medicine sector, Modern Fertility wanted to signal a fundamental shift in democratizing health information, as opposed to just delivering tech-enabled convenience.

This required breaking taboos around the topic, reframing fertility as an integral part of overall health, and transforming it into something proactive rather than reactive. It meant humanizing the overly clinical impersonal aesthetic that dominates healthcare.

Also, as a startup seeking additional funding, Modern Fertility needed their brand to convey a powerful value proposition and dynamic path to growth.


“Early stage startups are just different. We make big bets and we make them quickly.

Wolff Olins took that in its stride without sacrificing the integrity of the design. The design system we built together will grow with us into the future.”

Carly Leahy, CCO and Co-Founder

Open to everyone
The brand needed to feel inclusive for a broad range of users and circumstances: women wanting to preserve their options, but not yet ready to have children, same sex-partners making decisions about fertility treatment, and couples struggling to conceive. It had to exist as an intimate community, open to everyone.

The visual language is an intentional departure from healthcare’s dated graphic devices. The ‘M’ mark is hand-drawn –  calligraphic rather than mechanical – to convey trust and invite exploration. A fluid ‘u’ is buttressed by strong vertical lines to emphasize a focus on the individual, and reinforce Modern Fertility’s role in supporting people through their fertility journey.


The gender-neutral design is anchored in a color palette of tans and blues, echoing skin and sky tones and symbolic of bodies and moments of reflection.

The decision to move away from photography sets the brand apart from the prevailing visual language in women’s health. Instead, organic shapes and illustrations represent the singular moments people experience when considering fertility.

Scaling a startup
Modern Fertility initially secured $1 million in funding from famed venture capitals firms First Round Capital, Box Group and Y Combinator. It saw $70,000 in orders at the initial brand launch and received extensive press coverage including in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Refinery29.

Very recently it’s announced an additional $6 million in funding, as reported in Fast Company and Forbes. We’re excited to see what’s to come!