These Google experiences stay true to the beat of the brand rather than emulating the conventions of the categories they’re entering. With this in mind, we’ve helped reimagine buying and selling through Google Store, Google Shopping, Google Express and Google Retail.

We also supercharged the concept of an internet service provider through Google Fiber, which promised to be 100 times faster than competitors. (It was piloted in Kansas City and adopted in 89% of homes, surpassing expectations.)

New relationships, new ideas
We’ve developed partnership strategies to improve the organization’s relationships with retailers like Best Buy, Android handset manufacturers, and creative collaborators.

We’ve helped marketing to become a source of platform and product innovation, whether creating software to personalize retail environments, or developing the Live Cases customization platform to drive adoption of premium accessories in Android. 

Our partnership requires very deft handling of the Google ecosystem, and sometimes it involves evolving the Google brand itself.