Enel is one of the world’s biggest energy companies, the largest producer of renewable energy, runs the only fully digitised energy grid, and was listed by Fortune as one of 50 world-changing companies, ahead of Facebook, Alibaba and IBM.

We helped the Enel team find answers to fundamental questions like: What do we sell, if people produce their own energy? How can we connect 1bn people that are currently without safe and sustainable energy? How can we compete with Silicon Valley brands for future energy services? And how can we unite our organisation across 30 extremely diverse countries?

A purpose built on a paradigm shift
Together with Enel’s leaders, we developed the idea of Open Power. It’s a strategic platform for growth, combining the strength of a global organisation with the opportunities of a connected world. It will have a profound impact on the organisation and prepare it for a new digital age, as HBR reports. It has the potential to shift the entire sector from a production-oriented, conservative, sometimes secretive mindset towards a people-centric philosophy that truly engages its customers, partners, and stakeholders.

“Open Power will make us a very unique company in the utility space”

Francesco Starace, CEO

An open process
The development of the new brand was a highly collaborative process. Throughout the project, we challenged Enel’s ways of working by including all parts of the organisation in every step. We met customers, stakeholders, and employees to understand local requirements, received feedback on work in progress using digital collaboration tools, and held co-creation sessions with the client and cross-agency workshops.

An open expression
At the start of our process, we asked ourselves: what does power and openness look and feel like? How can we translate these concepts into an expression that embodies the future of this organisation?

At the heart of the new brand sits the cursor – energy’s start point. It’s always moving, always energetic, and echoes the filament in a light bulb. The new logo is modern and highly recognisable , with its shape created by the movement of the cursor. The design language ties all applications back to the principles of Open Power and is unlike any other utility company.

“The collaboration has been a big step change for our company. Their creative spirit has energised us”

Ryan O’Keeffe, Executive Communications Director, Enel

An open mindset
The brand expression is intentionally experimental. The cursor can be used in new and unexpected ways to create endless interpretations of Open Power. We encourage people inside and outside of Enel to play, innovate, and experiment with the assets.

In the video below, our chairman Brian Boylan asks Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel, about the impact of Open Power.