On Brexit

For many, if not all of us at Wolff Olins, this is a sad day. It reeks of a turning away from nations and cultures that we cherish and love, and an insular view that jars with this hyper-connected world.

Yet, having grown up under a dictatorship, I find the whole democratic process wonderfully empowering, even when the result goes a different way from what I, and people like me, think is the right way forward. Understanding that even in defeat, I can do something about it, keep pushing an agenda I believe in. I get knocked down, but I get up again.

On the whole, I’ll leave it to the experts and the talking heads to break down all the ramifications; it’ll be months, nay years, before the real implications of this decision become clear.

We’re no less European, global or outward looking today than we were yesterday.   We’re never more creative and together then when the world tilts on its axis – it brings out the best in us.

There is a massive social, political and economic realignment going on in the world today. All sorts of organisations and companies will be asking themselves fundamental questions. In that, Brexit is merely a symptom of how people feel about the establishment, not the driver of it. We should be even more radical, more driven, more committed to helping these organisation be better for everyone. Our desire to design radically better businesses has never been more important. And in times of uncertainty, our endless supply of ambition and optimism will be much needed and valued.

And let’s celebrate our worldliness, our open mindedness and our open heartedness.

That’s certainly not changing any time soon.

Ije Nwokorie is the CEO of Wolff Olins. You can follow him @onyeije

Illustration by Oliver Thein

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