Day one and beyond in the new job

Today I step into the role of Global CEO at Wolff Olins – a place that I love, surrounded by people that continually inspire and amaze me.

It’s a real privilege.  To be given this opportunity, to be the first woman in the role and to be building on such a great legacy.

I also take into the role the friendship and wise words of my partner in crime for the last few years – Ije Nwokorie, who I’m thrilled to know will remain in the business mentoring clients and teams.

So what will I be building on and bringing to the role?

An ambition for progress

It’s the incredible drive that we, and our clients, have for progress and making a positive impact that has kept me at Wolff Olins for over 20 years.

Whether it’s creating and building iconic brands, delivering useful and satisfying experiences or asking how we can use our creativity to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

We’re progressive in what we do and how we do it.  We’re passionate about what we believe.  And we’re committed to making a difference. That’s why our clients remain partners and become close friends.

You’ll be seeing more of this.

A belief in the power of people

As my wonderful colleague, Robert Jones likes to say, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

People are at the centre of the work we do, how we do it and the impact it has.

And our best work is achieved partnering and working alongside ambitious clients, as well as a vibrant network of partners.  Delivered by the most incredible team of thinkers, creators and makers.

Working with or at Wolff Olins should leave you feeling inspired, in a new league and part of a community that’s making a difference in the world. It’s why many people, like me, have made ourselves at home and built long careers here.

I’ll be making sure this remains at our core.

A spirit of optimism

The world is complex, the journey can feel bumpy and we’re living through interesting times.

We’ll always be glass half full, brimming with solutions rather than problems and ready to creatively tackle any challenge.

50 years of history gives us deep knowledge, expertise and confidence. Being born in the 60’s gives us a natural optimism, energy and enthusiasm for what’s possible.

Something we’ll be nurturing and bringing to everything we’re part of.

And so I start my new role feeling a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for what’s gone before.  As well as an incredible excitement and ambition for what we can achieve next.

Watch this space.

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