Brand architecture in 30 minutes

When the BBC asked me a couple of week ago to take part in the radio programme The Bottom Line, I jumped at the chance. I’ve always admired the programme’s no-nonsense coverage of business, and the gently probing style of its presenter, Evan Davis. It’s business without the jargon and without the hype – very Wolff Olins.

The topic was brand architecture: why do companies often have more than one brand? We recorded the programme on a Friday afternoon, and I was joined by Ed Pilkington from Diageo and Jana Ignatova from Johnson & Johnson, two people who know the topic from the inside. We talked for two hours about everything from brand loyalty to brand storytelling – and we could have gone on much longer. The producers cleverly packaged it all down into half an hour, and here’s the result.

Illustration by Kate Rinke

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