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Grubhub has helped to transform the way we discover, order and enjoy food in the USA. The standout online and mobile ordering company’s growth has been dizzying. A thriving two-sided market, connecting millions of happy diners to tens of thousands of restaurants, a rapidly expanding delivery business, a successful IPO and continued growth.

But after more than 10 years in the business, Grubhub wanted its brand to better reflect the company’s evolution and mission. Wolff Olins was asked by CMO Barbara Martin Coppola and CEO Matt Maloney to partner with them, and together we identified several goals. First, to elevate takeout overall by bringing diners closer to the foods they love and aligning with the special moments in everyday life that matter to them. Second, to help Grubhub retain its relevance to diners as they move through different stages of life. And finally, to solidify a national brand while also tapping into the unique moments that matter to diners in diverse markets.

Hungry for more

We identified a strategy to help Grubhub create an even better business, including an evolved way of thinking about delivered food and redesign of the brand experience — to elevate the category overall. We saw an opportunity for Grubhub to take a lead role in the next stage of the food revolution, elevating takeout as a dining choice and connecting with the special moments in everyday life that matter to diners – from moms feeding ravenous families after school to helping young couples have a spontaneous, and special, evening in.

Defining Grubhub’s special sauce

We worked with Grubhub across their business units to define the growth opportunity, diving deep into product, marketing and sales. We built a rich picture of diners and restaurants, to identify new and emerging needs Grubhub could address. And we gave some fresh thought to the reason Grubhub exists and what the company can do for the world of food.

Grubhub before rebrand

Working closely with Grubhub’s executive team, we aligned on a new brand vision for the business. The shorthand of that vision is ‘move eating forward’. This vision is intended to ensure that Grubhub stays ahead of changing eating habits and tastes, and makes use of data gleaned from millions of orders and years of food-focused experience to be the place where individual chefs and restaurants can shine. It celebrates the diversity of foods, places and people - all brought together in one place.

Serving up magical experiences

Delivering on this vision meant reengineering around user needs and behaviors.

While others in the space are focused on logistics instead of diners and chefs, this left a perfect opportunity for Grubhub to focus on the dining moments that matter.

So, we helped define specific eating modes — beyond intimate evenings in — when Grubhub can be relevant, for anything from post-workout meals to family occasions. Together with the Grubhub team, we outlined user journeys and possible features and services that would benefit diners on those journeys.

Designing the language of food

To convey Grubhub’s exciting new food-focused vision, we developed a vibrant and comprehensive new identity system for the brand —‘the new language of food’. The visual and verbal identity was designed to evoke a sense of celebration around food and bring a playful personality to eating moments throughout the day. Plus, the system is tailor-made for a mobile first world, where food-related content dominates social feeds.

The new design system is already being used across marketing, sales and product.

Mouth watering campaign

Together with Grubhub’s marketing team, we launched the new Grubhub by creating a nationwide advertising campaign leading with the idea of “Order food you love”. Fast-paced and eye-catching, it celebrates the diversity of chefs, restaurants and diners across the United States of food, and shines a light on the real human moments we have when cooking and eating takeout.

The campaign makes full use of the new design system and storytelling style, and includes television, radio, social, digital and OOH. Smart digital and social creates delight in the micro-moments that matter to diners nationwide.

To see more go to our full Grubhub campaign case study.

A taste of things to come

Wolff Olins and Grubhub have also helped to translate the vision into product updates and experiences that will continue to roll out. New features will inspire diners, help them compare choices and make decisions, and ultimately bring them closer to the food they love and the stories behind the creation of that food. Brand new experiences – like the new mmmoji keyboard app – focus on delighting diners, allowing them to message in the language of food, while new tools for restaurants will ensure Grubhub is a place where restaurants and chefs can shine.

We are thrilled with our collaboration with Wolff Olins. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and their insights and creativity were invaluable in helping to elevate takeout as a dining choice. Further, they have helped us to truly connect with diners on an emotional level at the special moments in everyday life that matter to them.” Barbara Martin Coppola, CMO, Grubhub