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True Key

True Key by Intel Security was created to eliminate passwords. Working together, we crafted a leadership story, with a set of principles and a brand identity that would articulate, humanise and support this bold vision.

Intel Security was a new partnership bringing together Intel’s processing power with McAfee’s security expertise. The True Key app, their first new product, used people’s unique characteristics – things like their face, fingerprints, or devices they owned to unlock their digital worlds. It made online activity both safer – since nobody shares the same face or fingerprint especially in combination with each other – and easier – since the frustrating world of remembering passwords would now become a thing of the past.

The True Key app needed a brand that was as compelling as the product vision – one that could set a precedent for how Intel Security’s products would be built in the future. That is, with people at the center.

We’re here. You’re in. Go forth.

The True Key app was solving the password pain of users – and doing it more securely than anyone else. In the short term, the True Key app would unlock things supported with digital passwords like email and bank accounts. In the long-term, in the world of connected everything, it could open just about anything – cars, offices, homes – that would have once needed a key or password. The True Key app promised to be an easy-to-use solution from one of the most trusted icons in the Valley.

Working closely with the True Key product team, we solidified this vision, making it clear and compelling for both internal stakeholders and external partners. We crafted this into a few short words that built on the relationship Intel Security would have with consumers: We’re here. You’re in. Go forth.

This three-part narrative captured the essence of the True Key app: you’re safe; the process is easy; you’re now free to roam your digital world.

Free from worry

With their story refined, the True Key app now needed to express its benefits in a warm and human way.

The world of online security is geared up to reassure people their information is safe, yet its expression is rarely very human or approachable. To cut through this dark security clutter, we designed an identity around freedom from worry rather than information security.

The identity is fully user-centered: each element demonstrates that a person – their identity – is at the heart of the experience. Colour, logo and interactions all highlight the True Key relationship with the user – one that unlocks a personal digital world free from worry. The logo, for example, suggests a person protected by rings of security, as well as their unique identifiers – face and fingerprint.

To demonstrate the ideal user experience for Intel Security teams, we also developed some example key pages and interactions of the app, including sign-up, facial recognition and log-in.

Setting the bar

The True Key app was pioneering the way that products would be built at Intel Security: solve a pain point and be strongly user-first. To help it set the bar as high as possible, we crafted a set of experience principles that would guide product development, business development and marketing.

We also created tone of voice principles and guidelines to help them speak in a clear, helpful and human way across all touchpoints.
Intel Security first debuted the True Key app at CES in January 2015. It was featured by major news outlets including NBC, USA Today and the Guardian. The True Key app has been growing since that time, helping people forget about the hassle of passwords.