Activate change across your business with Curve, our online learning tool

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It provides instantly useful tools and 
know-how to help 
your strategy reach further and faster


It creatively engages your people on 
an individual level, allowing peer to 
peer discussion


We’ll work with 
you to customise 
the right course for 
you, to achieve the 
desired results


We can assess 
the analytics 
to continuously improve the experience

Lasting change

We’re excited to introduce Curve. It’s an instantly useful, beautifully designed online learning tool that allows you to activate your strategy at scale. With learning no longer dependent on face-to-face sessions, the tool is a more cost-effective, agile 
and engaging way to create lasting change across your business.

Anytime, anywhere

It can be accessed on mobile, desktop and tablet, empowering your learners with the necessary creative leadership skills to achieve your desired strategy.

Customized courses

Our courses are an immersive mix of film, 
tools, graphics and dynamic presentations led 
by world-class experts across a number of topics including:


How to craft powerful stories that inspire 
people to act

User experience

How to build experiences that are useful 
for customers and unique to you

Creative culture

How to lead teams creatively to achieve 
better results

Proven method

World class practitioners

To guide you through the journey and share 
their insights

Tried + tested tools

To instantly apply the thinking to your projects

Behind-the-scenes case stories

To get smart fast

Peer discussion + feedback

To share insights with your colleagues + course leader to push your work to the next level

Measurement + analytics

To understand impact and optimise the learning experience

Continuous learning

People interact with the course leader, get 
involved with tasks and discuss topics with peers. 
They are reminded of essential material through regular email follow-ups after completing 
a course. A central analytics dashboard allows 
the administrative team to monitor progress 
and usage, helping to continually shape internal learning objectives.

Learning from each other

We will also help you maximize the number 
of people taking each course, building and managing your community, ensuring they 
get the most from each learning experience.

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“You guys were true pros. We dove right in, quickly got to the root of the problem and in less than an hour walked away with practical tools that we could actually use.”
James Frisbie

VP, Brand, HKS Architects
“You gave our cohort useful frameworks that were directly relevant to their businesses and enabled them to take a step back and think bigger.”
Diane Perlman

CMO for Startups,

Microsoft Ventures
“I think it could apply to a lot of people who are trying to promote creative thinking and knowledge sharing.”
Tiphaine Desreumaux

Learning Advisor, Macmillan