Job title: Creative Director & Coach
Office location:London

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Neil Cummings

Neil's job is about creatively solving problems, from large scale organisational solutions to individual, one on one answers. By thinking from a different angle, he can bring a fresh clarity which makes the solution not just tangible, but frequently a pleasure. As the youngest ever Creative Director at Wolff Olins, Neil's success comes from listening to his instincts and looking for what is at the heart of an idea: What's hidden? What needs the attention? What element needs to be pushed for everything to connect? The constant voice in his head asks, “Is it new enough? How can we improve this?”

Rarely at his desk, Neil's time is mostly spent collaborating, mixing teams to find intriguing new results which everyone can feel genuinely responsible for. Some of his recent clients include AOL, EE, Orange and Skype. He's also a keen pro amateur in a multitude of disciplines, from ceramics and boxing to football and screen printing.